Contact Alexandria Retaining Walls to get the retaining wall of your dreams installed on your property. A retaining wall is designed and purposed to prevent the lateral movement of soil and will keep your yard looking as you desire. We have been helping customers in and around Alexandria for many years. You can rely on us to provide you with the high-quality retaining wall that you have always wanted. Our team has helped to build many different retaining walls of all sizes. Let us give you the natural stone, concrete, or brick retaining wall of your dreams.

Types of Retaining Walls to Choose From

Natural Stone Retaining Wall

There's a reason preserving wall surfaces are so prominent in both property and industrial landscaping-- numerous reasons in fact.They provide the chance to infuse lovely stonework and hardscaping into the area and also permit you to transform your landscape in rates around central functions (by using flowerbeds and/or yards) One of the most essential objectives is their ability to conserve a lawn by preventing dirt disintegration as well as managing your rain flow. Below are 4 of the most typical sorts of maintaining wall surfaces, what circumstance they are good for, and the quantity of work that enters into each.

Gravity Retaining Wall

The most basic of retaining wall surfaces, the gravity keeping wall surface utilizes large weight and mass to hold the soil at bay. Given that it's primarily regarding weight, these maintaining walls enable the largest amount of selection when it involves products. Blocks, pavers, as well as unmortared stone are simply a couple of alternatives offered, as well as dry-stacked stone is a popular selection. While shorter walls require no additional reinforcement, most will need at least a little trench to be dug for the wall to fit into, as well as some may require a concrete footer to sit on.

Cantilevered Retaining Wall

Sometimes called an enhanced keeping wall surface from the steel bars that run through the concrete or stonework keeping wall, the cantilevered keeping wall surfaces makes use of a keeping wall surface affixed to a piece structure that goes under the soil the wall is supporting in an "L" form. The weight of the above soil holds the piece down so that the wall can not tip forward. This style is preferred in commercial retaining wall surfaces for its stamina. A "counter-fort" or "buttressed" maintaining wall consists of extra upright wings to the structure that offers extra strength as well as rigidity.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

An extremely fundamental kind of wall surface normally made use of when space is an issue, a sheet heap preserving wall is a thin wall surface of steel, wood, or plastic that is driven straight into the dirt. Frequently these have an up and down corrugated framework to supply additional reinforcement. These pilings just work in softer soils, and a great general rule is that you need to obtain one-third of the sheet piling driven into the ground for every single two-thirds that will be above it. Larger walls will certainly require additional securing such as secured retaining walls (see listed below).

Anchored Retaining Wall

A secured preserving wall surface allows for a variety of "fronts" of maintaining wall surfaces to be supported by supports driven into the earth behind them and connected by cables or strips. These supports are normally mechanically driven into the ground and also their ends increased by infusing pressurized concrete or mechanical means. You can use this technique to supply added assistance to any one of the above options and is commonly made use of for structurally thinner wall surfaces or where higher lots are expected.

At Alexandria Retaining Walls we are professionals when it comes to landscape design and also hardscaping in the Alexandria Virginia area. Intend to discover more? Call us to learn more concerning our solutions in your area and get a free assessment on preserving wall surface installment.

natural stone walkway retaining wall

Retaining Wall Materials to Choose From

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Let Alexandria Retaining Walls be your first choice if you are considering getting a natural stone wall for your yard. We can build your retaining wall with a wide selection of different natural stones. You can select which option is the best fit for you and have our expert retaining wall contractors fit it in your garden. Choose the color and look of natural stone that you like most. Our team will help you to find a natural stone building material that fits your wants, needs, and budget. Make sure that you are getting the perfect retaining wall for your property with our help.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

Concrete block retaining walls have become increasingly popular in recent years. Choose us if you want to get the best quality retaining wall blocks in Virginia. We use carefully sourced and selected concrete to ensure that all of our customers are getting the results that they have been dreaming of. Concrete is an incredibly durable and affordable material that works well out of doors. Let us give you a beautiful concrete retaining wall that is built to last you for many years to come. Get the look that you want with concrete that can be stained and stamped.

Brick Retaining Walls

Our brick retaining walls are incredibly affordable and perfect for anyone who wants to get a great looking wall for a low price. We offer the top-quality brick retaining wall blocks in Alexandria. You can trust us to design and build your brick retaining wall exactly as you want us to. Brick is a hardy and long-lasting material most commonly used in buildings. It is an ideal choice for an outdoor feature like a retaining wall. Get the lowest prices as well as a well-built and good-looking brick retaining wall for your yard with the help of your local experts.

Custom Designs

Alexandria Retaining Walls is here to help you as and when you need us to. We have helped to provide customers throughout Alexandria and beyond with great looking and long-lasting retaining walls that are designed to suit them. Simply call or email us today to get a curved or straight retaining wall that is custom made to suit your yard space. Our team will ensure that you get everything that you were looking for from our services. You can count on our professional retaining wall contractors to design and build the retaining wall of your dreams to suit your yard, your needs, and your budget.

natural stone wall